HEADstrong Foundation and Five Four Club

The HEADstrong Foundation is proud to announce a partnership and deal with our friends at Five Four Club. Our loyal HEADstrong customers will be able to get a deal on all Five Four clothing items and accessories. Each subscription to the Five Four Club service will benefit cancer patients and their families. You may be asking yourself what is Five Four Club? Well, we’re here to tell you.


What is Five Four Club?

Five Four Club is a new and emerging clothing company. They describe themselves as a contemporary men’s brand that provides monthly curated items of Five Four apparel. The difference between Five Four Club and other clothing company’s is that Five Four caters to each individual member’s personal style preference and the current season. How it works is that they send you something new and exciting every month that you would wear and that is perfect for that time of the year.


How Much Does Five Four Club Cost?

Without any promotional offers for the Five Four Club, it costs $60 a month. This does not include any taxes or charges based on where it is being shipped too.


What Do You Get From Five Four Club?

Each member will receive 2-3 items each month from Five Four’s latest collection based on the preferences that they chose. Additionally, customers will receive up to 25% off any items in Five Four Club’s online shop and access to member-only items. There is also no minimum commitment for the Five Four Club, as you can cancel or pause any time after the first month.


What is The Five Four Club Return Policy?

You may exchange your Five Four Club items due to size-related issues only. These exchanges must be made within 15 days of receiving your Five Four shipment. All items that are returned for size changes must be returned in an unworn condition.


Five Four Club and Headstrong Foundation Deal

The generous team members from Five Four Club has decided to partner with the HEADstrong Foundation to give their loyal customers and fans a deal that can’t be beat.

Sign up for a subscription with Five Four Club for only $30! Use code FORNICK50 or HEADSTRONG50 to get 50% off your first month. With every subscription sign up, Five Four Club will donate $30 to the HEADstrong Foundation to help patients and their families fighting cancer. Improve your personal style while helping a cancer patient in need today!