At the HEADstrong Foundation, we work directly with local communities and companies to engage individuals in fun and meaningful fundraising campaigns for cancer. We offer a wide variety of ways for kids, families, school communities, or local companies to get involved with our philanthropic efforts and campaigns. One aspect of our fundraising that we value greatly is our work with local partnerships. Oftentimes, companies looking to get involved in community efforts, as well as create a positive overall image for their business, make meaningful partnerships with us. Our community sponsors play a large role in many aspects of what we do, and whether you are looking to be a corporate sponsor, or participate in royalty agreement or in-kind donations, HEADstrong is a great place to get started. 

What Are the Different Types of Cancer Foundation Sponsorships Available with the HEADstrong Foundation?

Corporate Sponsor: The first kind of cancer foundation sponsorship offered within the HEADstrong Foundation is the corporate sponsor. Partnering with HEADstrong through a corporate sponsorship is a fantastic way to get you and your entire company involved in something to benefit the greater community. By working directly with us and showing your support for our organization’s fight against cancer, you can bring your employees together for a cause greater than themselves. Holding a corporate sponsorship is also great positive publicity for your company and can help bring members of your business together outside the office space. 

Royalty Agreement: The second type of partnership cancer foundation sponsors can take advantage of with HEADstrong is through a royalty agreement. Products that raise awareness for cancer, such as t-shirts, bracelets, hats, and so much more, can be sold in partnership with HEADstrong to directly benefit our foundation. If you have a product that has a cause connection to us, consider partnering with HEADstrong in your sales and fundraising efforts for cancer!

In-Kind Donations: The third and final way your company can partner with HEADstrong is through involvement with in-kind donations. In-kind donations are those that do not necessarily come in the form of a financial gift. There are countless ways you or your company can partner with us through in-kind efforts. Whether you are interested in holding a fundraiser, donating supplies, or volunteering your time, HEADstrong offers a plethora of ways your company can come together and help those fighting the battle against cancer. 

How Can Interested Local Companies Get Involved with Partnerships?

If you or your company lives or works in Chalfont and are interested in working with us in any way, visit our partnership page to explore all the options available. After determining which one you feel is the best fit for your company, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with your company’s information. Here, you can select what kind of fundraiser your business is interested in participating in, as well as provide the information you need to get connected with one of our staff members! For more information, visit our website or email [email protected] to find out ways you can engage your community in fundraising for cancer!