HEADs or Tails; Be The Change

Our founder, Nick Colleluori once said, “You’re never too young to make a difference, everyone can do something and together we can be the change for families affected by cancer.” Through HEADs or Tails; Be The Change, students of all ages have the ability to be part of the magic of the HEADstrong Foundation, becoming lifelong supporters and givers. Through this program, students can help make life easier for patients and families affected by cancer. We are here to help you. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

This is your COORDINATOR GUIDE, with information to help you plan a fun and meaningful HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Coin Drive.

Steps to Success

Getting Started

  1. Read this informational guide and keep it handy.
  2. Recruit a friend or coworker to join you.
  3. Set a fundraising goal: Contact the HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Team at 610-461-5987 or Meghan@HEADstrong.org to set up a planning session. (For maximum success, meetings should happen at least 2-3 months prior to the start of your campaign.)
  4. Create your school’s online giving page. Work with your designated HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Fundraising Coordinator to assist and setup a school, classroom, or individual giving page to compliment your school’s efforts. Encourage your students and parents to set up individual pages so they can better promote online giving to their friends and family.

Two Months Before

  1. Meet with your team to discuss objectives, goals and plans.
  2. Schedule an assembly to kick-off the campaign.
  3. Introduce key students to the campaign and assign tasks they can help with.
  4. Finalize edits to your school’s online fundraising page.
  5. Send out information on the campaign to the school staff.
  6. Create a money collection process. (See Coins & Donation Management in this guide for more information.

One Month Before

  1. Distribute materials to the homeroom teachers. (See Supply List in this guide for more information.)
  2. Student volunteers should start publicizing around school.
  3. Place information in school newsletter, school’s website and social media.
  4. Incorporate details into morning announcements.
  5. Update school’s online fundraising page

Two Weeks Before

  1. Send parent letter home with students.
  2. Communicate campaign dates, school fundraising goal, HEADstrong Hero information, online fundraising links and prize information to teachers and administration.
  3. Pass out classroom boxes and individual student boxes to each homeroom.
  4. Host an assembly to students.

During the Campaign

  1. Collect and deposit classroom donations at least once a week.
  2. Promote online donations through your school’s e-newsletter; email, website and social media.
  3. Hang your class and school thermometer charts and track your fundraising progress.
  4. Motivate students with school announcements.
  5. Inspire students by reading HEADstrong’s children’s book Laced Together or download the audio version found online.
  6. Students will return their individual coin box during the last week of the campaign.
  7. Upon returning teachers will be given a Supporter Icons Card, which can be personalized and displayed in the hallway.
  8. Encourage students to get donations through personalized online fundraising page.
  9. Conclude your campaign with a 27-minute walk around your campus to celebrate your success and honor those affected by cancer.
  10. If students full their coin boxes prior to the end of the campaign, they are encouraged to empty them into the classroom collection box and can take the box home to continue fundraising.

Wrap Up

  1. Tally donations and complete the HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Wrap-Up Report.
  2. Schools are encouraged to deposit all collected coins and paper dollars into a school account and issue a check made payable to the HEADstrong Foundation.
  3. Send the completed HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Wrap-Up Report along with the check and any collected checks to the HEADstrong Foundation, 232 Green Avenue, Holmes, PA 19043.
  4. Share your success with the local media.
  5. Register for next year.



Need To Order More Supplies?

Please email Meghan@HEADstrong.org with your additional material needs, and we’ll mail them to your school.

Student Collection Boxes: Boxes are given to each student to take home to collect change.

Parent Letters: One letter should be provided to students to take home to their parents or guardian. This letter details the program and helps to educate parents on the cause and how they can support their child’s efforts.

Hero Poster: This poster features our HEADstrong Heroes. Hang the poster in your school to put a face to your fundraising efforts; and help your students to understand how their donations can Be The Change.

School Thermometer Chart: Hang in a prominent place and write in your school’s goal. Color in the thermometer on a daily or weekly basis as donations come in. 18 x 24

Classroom Thermometer Chart: Classroom chart for individual classes to track their progress. Each classroom should receive a chart and a class collection box. 11 x 17

HEADs or Tails; Be The Change Poster: Display in the hallways or in the cafeteria to raise awareness of the campaign. 18 x 24

Paper Supporter Icons: Classrooms will receive one stack of Supporter Icons to be presented to each student at the conclusion of the campaign. Additionally, schools will be able to sell them for $1-$5 and make an icon wall, or ask your local businesses to sell them during your campaign. Available upon request.

HEADs or Tails Stickers: Available upon request. Let your students show off good deeds and proudly wear their HEADs or Tails Stickers. These can be sold, used as a reward or used to promote the campaign.

Laced Together, HEADstrong Children’s Book: Introduce HEADstrong’s Children’s Book Laced Together into either a lesson plan or at story time to help students better understand how their efforts can Be The Change necessary for families affected by cancer.

HEADstrong Shoelaces (36 or 45): Incorporate HEADstrong’s iconic lime green shoelaces into your HEADs or Tails; Be The Change campaign by selling them for $5.00 throughout and leading up to the 27-minute awareness walk at the conclusion of the campaign.



All Ages

Lace Up Against Cancer– Challenge students to lace up their shoes with HEADstrong shoelaces and collect pledges for every mile they walk during a designated day, week or month.

We Can Be Heroes!- Students donate $1.00 and will are encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero or wear their favorite superhero apparel.

Chores for the Cause— Challenge students to serve others by raking leaves, shoveling snow, cleaning houses, selling hot chocolate or babysitting for optional donations.

Get Pie’d— Reward the top fundraising classrooms with the chance to pie their teacher at the end of your campaign.

Crazy for a Cure—Have a favorite staff person kiss a pig, shave their head, put on a chicken suit, etc., if your school reaches its goal.

Teacher Dress Down/Student Dress Up Day— Teachers are encouraged to look their worst while students are encouraged to look their best. Votes cost a quarter.

Traveling Trophy— Make your own trophy. Each week of the campaign, the class/period raising the most money is awarded the trophy for the week.

Team Up For HEADstrong— Designate a jersey day where students wear their favorite team jersey to school by donating $1 or more. Talk about the importance of working together as a team to reach your school’s goal.

Go HEAD to HEAD– Hold a $5 after-school party to benefit your program. Activities could include: Open gym, corn-hole tournament, dodge ball tournament, teachers vs. students basketball game, dance-a-thon, etc.

Movie Night— Sponsor a movie night. Students and their families are invited to watch a movie shown on a screen outside or in the gym. Charge an entrance fee at the door and provide popcorn and soda during the movie.

Go Green Day—Designate a day during the school in which students pay $1 to wear lime or green shirt or hat.

Match Your Donation—Encourage parents to ask co-workers to contribute or ask their company to match the class’s donation. This is a great way to use your online fundraising page.



Developing a Money Counting Plan

  1. Encourage Online Donations!
    Put information about your efforts and a link to your school’s online fundraising page in your email signature, school newsletter, school website, social media and all communication. Setup pages for each classroom under the school page and create an online competition.
  2. Process Checks
    Schools are encouraged to deposit all collected coins and paper dollars into a school account and issue a check made payable to the HEADstrong Foundation.
  3. Collecting and Counting Change
    Consider the amount of time you can dedicate to the counting process, and your schools policies on money handling.

Methods include:

  • Form a Coin Counting Committee: Consider asking teachers, students, (NHS, student council or service groups) or parents (PTA members) to help.
  • Local Bank or Credit Union: Call your local bank or credit union to see if they will count your change for free. Many banks offer coin counting machines as a courtesy to their customers.
  • Bank Partner: Please contact the HEADstrong Foundation to see if you would like to deposit your donation at your local bank.
  1. Keep a Tally of Classroom Totals
    Make a tally sheet to keep track of classroom fundraising totals. Ask teachers to count their classroom’s donations frequently to track classroom standings. Don’t forget to add in online donations to your tally.




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