Attention: Chester, PA, HEADstrong is Providing Financial Assistance For Families Affected by Cancer 

The fight against cancer is not only a physically, emotionally, or mentally taxing situation but is just as financially taxing for families impacted by cancer. A majority of families who are going through this must deal with the finances behind the treatment, hospital stays, examinations, and so much more. The ability to take away the financial burdens off families lifts an extremely huge weight off of their shoulders, giving them a chance to focus more on their loved ones fighting cancer without stressing about how the bills are going to get paid. At HEADstrong, we are very proud to provide cancer patient financial assistance to families in need. No one has to go through the hardships due to cancer alone ever! If you’re interested in applying for HEADstrong’s financial assistance, take a look at the different ways we supply cancer patients with financial assistance below. 

The HEADstrong Foundation is proud to offer a couple of ways families can receive financial help during these difficult times. Financial assistance through available grants allow patients who are currently going through cancer treatment while experiencing financial hardships the chance to get their necessary treatment worry-free. Applications for financial assistance can be easily filled out and submitted online! Families can also start a relief fund that directly impacts their finances. The Relief Fund Program at HEADstrong grants families and individuals impacted by cancer to partner with HEADstong to fundraise and lend support to loved ones with cancer. Filling out an application for a relief fund with HEADstrong can also be done online with ease.    

Now is not the time to stress about how the bills are going to get paid or whether or not your loved one battling cancer will have access to the finest treatment. HEADstrong is here to help with any financial assistance struggles for families and loved ones. Learn more about how to recieve financial assistance through HEADstrong today.