$700,000 Raised

  Goal $1.5 Million


HEADstrong Foundation has grown steadily since it was started in 2007. Staff and Board leadership have been carefully assessing its accomplishments and how to continue to build its distinctive family – to – family programming as effectively as possible. Nick’s House will be a signature program, evolving out of five years of experience with the initial facility. The expansion will be carefully evaluated, and with an eye towards replicating it in other communities – perhaps around the country – where specialized cancer treatment services are offered.

The NEW larger Nick’s House provides more out-of-town families access to the Philadelphia area for advanced cancer treatments and for the opportunity to participate in ground breaking clinical trials that have spawned treatment breakthroughs. Nick’s House will be the difference for patients and families being able to pursue leading edge therapies or deciding against continued treatment because of financial or family circumstances.

Nick’s House is not a medical facility but a guest house designed to meet the unique needs of patients, their families and/or caregivers.


Nick’s House provides more than $1.25 million in relief to families annually, while providing them with a beautiful home, ensuring a comfortable stay.

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