Brady Vandenberghe

When and how I was diagnosed

My 18 year old son heard he had AML Leukemia last summer, July 2nd 2010.  This was the summer before his senior year and he was looking forward to playing Varsity Football and Varsity Lacrosse at Eden Prairie High School, MN.  After five rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, Brady is currently in remission.

Treatment experiences

The chemo rounds started easy and very uneventful, until he hit round four.  His body had endured more than it could and a bacterial infection almost took his life.  After seven months in the hospital, cancer had destroyed much of his body and he was weak and frail.

What I have learned

Brady learned that anything can take you down, but only he and God could rebuild the athlete he was.

How I am feeling now

Brady is currently in remission and is enduring weekly physical therapy treatments for some nerve damage in his leg.  A mass on his spinal cord weakened his leg and calf, but they are getting stronger everyday.


Leukemia changed my son in a way that is indescribable.  He has matured and has maintained a positive attitude about his experience.  Now that he is near to graduating high school, after completing all of his senior classes online during treatment, Brady is focusing on college and being the person God has always expected him to be.  He is a warrior!