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When Nicholas Colleluori was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in November of 2006, it was his athletic instincts; competitive spirit, unyielding drive and relentless attitude that unknowingly prepared him to fight his cancer, HEAD on.

Colleluori strongly believed in the power of “TEAM” and through his diagnosis he became a member of a different TEAM, one that he never planned to be part of.  While fighting he was supported by a TEAM of caregivers and a TEAM of physicians that worked diligently in treating his disease.  He realized the lack of available resources for cancer patients and the hardships plaguing families and believed that his story could have a profound and positive impact on those who needed help the most.  Nick became the “Captain” of the HEADstrong TEAM.

Being a student athlete at Hofstra University at the time of his diagnosis, Colleluori understood that athletics could serve as an incredible platform for raising awareness, rallying support and raising funds to help families financially devastated by the over whelming costs and realities of cancer.

In a letter written to his teammates in the last weeks of his life, Colleluori wrote “I consider you all my family, you are my pulse and as long as you are beating, I am still alive.”

From his hospital bed Nicholas created the HEADstrong Foundation with the purpose of empowering athletes and igniting students to make a difference.  He envisioned all athletes uniting toward a common goal to achieve victory in the fight against cancer.

HEADstrong Sports embraces the vision and legacy of Nicholas Colleluori, by inspiring all athletes, empowering all teams and rallying all sports to Be Relentless on and off the playing field.

HEADstrong Lacrosse Club

The HEADstrong Lacrosse Club was established in 2006 by HEADstrong Founder, Nicholas Colleluori and HEADstrong Supporters with a vision of empowering athletes to support the fight against cancer.  The Club has established itself as a preeminent lacrosse organization that has grown nationally and is committed to developing student-athletes who serve as ambassadors to the HEADstrong mission.

To learn more about the HEADstrong Lacrosse Club please visit www.HEADstronglax.org

HEADstrong Athletes

Tom Schreiber

Alex Aust

Chris Hogan

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