HEADstrong’s Monumental Viral Campaign Game Hair Havoc is Back


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HEADstrong’s Viral Campaign Game Hair Havoc is Back

Student athletes around the world are getting ready to get stylin’ this spring, as HEADstrong’s viral social media campaign Game Hair Havoc (presented by Cell Vault) kicks off February 17th, 2020 and will run until March 31st. The monumental campaign made history in 2019 and raised over $175,000 with over 160,000 participants in the #tag3 challenge. The campaign is an online fundraiser encouraging female student athletes and their teams to braid or style their game day hair, raising awareness and funds for the HEADstrong Foundation. Last year’s campaign was well received by student and professional athletes alike, and all are encouraged to participate!  

HEADstrong hopes to have the same impact this year, as the success of last year’s campaign helped to put the Delaware County (PA) non-profit on the international stage. Proceeds raised from the 2019 campaign assisted families in part by providing 1,166 nights of lodging and support at Nick’s House, a guest family home operated by the HEADstrong Foundation for families displaced to the Greater Philadelphia area in the pursuit of life-saving cancer treatment and clinical trials.The fundraising goal for this year’s campaign is $165,000 as we look to build upon last year’s success. 

The campaign came to fruition because of Stephanie Finley, a former college lacrosse star from James Madison University. Steph is over a year in remission from her battle with Chordoma. Chordoma is an extremely rare cancer, with just one in one million people receiving the diagnosis each year. Steph will join forces once again with the HEADstrong Foundation in an effort to help families overcome by cancer. This time however, she is not alone: Hannah Hermensen will be the face of the 2020 Game Hair Havoc campaign. Hannah will share her story along the way, inspiring female athletes across the country to come together as one and create a united sense of empowerment. 

Hannah is a 16-year old student athlete from Haverford High School who is currently battling non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She’s a gifted softball pitcher, playing for both her high school’s team as well as Pegasus Softball, a select organization in PA. Hannah was diagnosed in September of 2019 and is currently undergoing treatment. 

The campaign officially begins February 17th, with registration open now and throughout the campaign. To learn more about Game Hair Havoc please click here.

Now, let’s get stylin’!