HEADstrong Announces Partnership With World’s First T-Cell Bank, Cell Vault 

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HEADstrong Announces Partnership With World’s First T-Cell Bank, Cell Vault 

Cell Vault Named Major Sponsor of HEADstrong’s Fall Events Series 

(HOLMES, PA) –  The HEADstrong Foundation, a non-profit organization, committed to improving lives affected by cancer is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with Cell Vault, the world’s first T-cell bank. The partnership is intended to further HEADstrong’s ability and commitment to enhancing lives overcome by cancer, while assisting Cell Vault in outreach, visibility, and promotion to prospective clients through campaign sponsorship, digital marketing, social outreach and activation at HEADstrong events this fall.

As part of the newly formed partnership, Cell Vault will be named a major sponsor of HEADstrong’s Fall Events Series which encompasses six collegiate lacrosse events as well as Lacrosse Mustache Madness (October-November 2019) and Game Hair Havoc (February 2020). Through activation at HEADstrong’s events this fall, Cell Vault will educate participants and spectators on the beneficial elements of cryopreservation and T-cell banking, technology, and showcase their newly launched kits and demonstrate the simplicity of collection.     

“At Cell Vault, we believe that it will take strength in numbers to finish the fight cancer started. We are proud to support the HEADstrong Foundation and the work they do assisting families and individuals impacted by cancer,” said Kevin Kirk, CEO and Founder of Cell Vault. “As they continue their valuable mission to ease the financial, emotional and logistical stress of fighting cancer, we pledge to get ahead of cancer by allowing people to cryopreserve the strongest versions of their cells as a safeguard against future cancers” said Kevin Kirk, Cell Vault Founder. 

The sport of lacrosse was instrumental in bringing Cell Vault and HEADstrong together.  Cell Vault founder Kevin Kirk and sister, Danielle Kirk, who currently serves as Cell Vault’s Senior Account Consultant, spent their childhood playing lacrosse in Severna Park, MD.  Danielle went on to play at the University of Maryland College Park and continues to stay active as a tournament director and official.  

“As a mother and a caregiver to a child who fought cancer, I only wish that the cryopreservation of T-cells was accessible and available to our Nicholas, it would have served as an invaluable resource that may have saved his life. We believe in Cell Vault’s vision because we lived this reality. This partnership is personal because we fully understand the benefits of T-cell banking and how it can arm both physicians and their patients with an amazing weapon in the fight. We are honored to stand with Cell Vault and are proud to call them a partner of the HEADstrong Foundation”  said HEADstrong President Cheryl Colleluori. 

The HEADstrong Foundation embraces social media as a mechanism for engaging, empowering and having an impact on behalf of the cancer community.  With more 500,000 organic social media followers HEADstrong sustains the largest social media presence of any cancer charity in the United States and Cell Vault views that is a wonderful way to share how their technology and products are revolutionizing the oncology industry.   

This is a new and exciting partnership and HEADstrong is looking forward to cultivating a great relationship with Cell Vault. To learn more about the HEADstrong Foundation please visit the website at www.HEADstrong.org and to learn more about Cell Vault and its offerings visit www.cellvault.com.

About Cell Vault

Cell Vault is the world’s first t-cell bank. Cell Vault makes it possible for people to prepare for a battle against cancer by banking the strongest versions of their t-cells. The company is headquartered in Daytona Beach, FL with support in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and New York City. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.