Return Policy

For all merchandise shipped and received as ordered, please note that HEADstrong foundation does not accept returns with the following exceptions:

Although it is rare that our customers will receive incorrect products, HEADstrong Foundation recognizes that errors can be made from time to time. If you receive products other than those ordered via this website, please contact us within (1) week from receipt to arrange for product return and shipment of the correct items.

If the packaging appears damaged on the outside, please refuse to accept it from the carrier; or please make sure when signing the shipper’s proof-of-delivery slip, you include a note stating the package is or appears damaged. If you do accept a damaged shipment, please inform us and the carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) immediately for assistance.

If internal (non-visible) damage is found after accepting the shipment, this will need to be reported to us and the carrier within two days of receiving the items.

HEADstrong Foundation will replace any items shipped which we verify as defective. Please contact us if you believe you have received defective merchandise.

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