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Our goal is $110,000

$114,178 raised so far


    Get Growing / Steps to Stache

    1. Set up your fundraising page and get growing
    2. Use emails and social media to communicate
    3. Embed your custom link and ask for pledges
    4. Keep posting pictures to show your growth


    The top fundraising team will win Warrior HF burn heads! (25 unit team max)

    HF Mustache Flatbrim Hat
    HF Scarf and Beanie
    Warrior Coxswain Shoes (HEADstrong Themed)
    $100 gift card to
    Limited Edition HF Burn Cancer Gloves

    TheGrand Prize

    A Brand New 50CC Lime Green Scooter!

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    How much of the proceeds support the HEADstrong Foundation?

    100% of the proceeds raised through LMM will directly support the HEADstrong Foundation and projects focused on improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

    How long do I grow my mustache for?

    10/19-11/30 is to standard period for growing your stache however there is no harm in being proactive.

    Who can participate in Lax Stache Madness?

    Anyone can participate in LMM.

    When does registration open?

    LMM officially begins on 10/19. However participants can register and create a fundraising profile in advance leading up to the campaign.

    Is registration open throughout the campaign?

    LMM works off rolling participation which means anyone can register at any time during the competition.


    About Lacrosse Mustache Madness

    Lacrosse Mustache Madness™ is a charity campaign uniting the lacrosse community in support of the HEADstrong Foundation™. This interactive, online driven fundraiser encourages lacrosse teams and players to grow or draw on mustaches of any imaginable shape or size and use them to raise money for the cause. HEADstrong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) committed to being a resource for cancer patients and families, helping them to navigate the harrowing ordeal of cancer by providing essential programs and services to improve quality of life.

    Lacrosse Mustache History

    Lacrosse Mustache Madness™ is now its 6th year. The campaign was conceptualized by professional lacrosse player Ken Clausen during his senior year at the University of Virginia who was looking for a fun and interactive way to make a difference through the game. Clausen teamed up with UVA athletic trainer Rebecca Vozzo to create the fall campaign marketed around Ken’s signature mustache. Ken thought it would it would a fun way to unite players in the traditional off-season to raise funds to support causes rooted in the game.

    Originally, HEADstrong Foundation™ was a partial benefactor of the campaign. HEADstrong recognized the opportunity to support and evolve the campaign to a national level and HF offered to support the campaign administratively allowing Clausen the ability to be the face of the fundraiser. Working alongside of the HEADstrong Foundation, Clausen learned that he and the organization had much more in common than just trying to do good things through the sport. It turned out that HF founder Nicholas Colleluori and Ken were both from Southeastern, Pennsylvania, both wore the #27, both were defensemen and ironically were born on the same day, October 19th. Clausen also developed a strong relationship with HF Director of Development Pat Colleluori. Initially, the kick-off for LMM™ began November 1st, but after realizing that Nick and Ken shared a birthday we decided to use October 19th as the start date for the campaign. During its inaugural year LMM™ raised $32,000 and has grown significantly since gaining the support of lacrosse players and teams at all levels throughout the country. In 2010, the campaign took flight and the raising over $65,000. In 2011, the campaign grew even further raising $91,000. In 2012, $103,000 was raised and in 2013 campaign shocked the lacrosse world raising a record breaking $108,000 to support the cause.

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